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Activity Summaries are archives of Information derived from the Activity Update Newsletter and Deposit Summaries tabulations that are available for custom research topics as requested by our clients. Mining Activity Update will assemble the desired research information at client request quickly, in complete confidence and at very reasonable cost.

The press release archive is derived from the Activity Update Newsletter, which are then updated and expanded as new information is obtained. Various sorting indexes are also added to each 6-month reporting period including:

  • Deposit discoveries, company mergers, mine openings, development projects and mine closures.
  • Activity levels based on the number of significant events in each geographic region are tallied and compared to other reporting periods to uncover industry trends.

The news archive consists of nearly 50,000 separate press releases covering the period 1992 to the present.

The mineral deposit archive is also updated and expanded as new information is obtained. Deposit Summaries are selected lists of the largest known deposits for each mineral category yet Mining Activity Update maintains a more extensive database of mineral deposits from around the world. The total mineral deposit archive presently consists of over 7,000 individual mineral deposits located throughout the world.

The Activity Summaries and Deposit Summaries archives are used to respond to various inquiries by our clients. Various research topics have been completed; some requiring extensive research while others just a brief response. As a general matter, research topics tend to focus in the following categories:

  • Known mineral deposits within a specific geographic region.
  • Press releases for a specific country in chronological order.
  • A complete country profile showing all press release information and known mineral deposits of a specific commodity.

Once Mining Activity Update determines the objective of the client, and desired format of the materials, a cost estimate is provided based on a US$1.00/item charge. Individual research projects are therefore typically charged-out in the range of US$300-US$600. Contact us through this web site, directly at (e.mail), 1-775-345-2343(phone) for any inquiries regarding your potential research project.

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