Activity Update Newsletter

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The Activity Update Newsletter is a comprehensive summary of world-wide mining industry news. No other publication attempts to assemble all of the significant industry-related news into one geographically sorted monthly summary with a clear easy to read format.

The Activity Update Newsletter is a monthly summary where all news items related to base metals, precious metals and uranium are displayed at one location. All news items are distilled into concise, factual paragraphs as follows:

  • All news releases are rewritten to conform to a standard, brief descriptive format.
  • News releases that contain multiple significant items or events are split into their individual components to be displayed separately.
  • All summary paragraphs are organized into a geographic format so that all news pertaining to a specific region is displayed together.
  • All information is displayed to reflect a standard convention utilizing United States dollars, metric units and percent (%).
  • All news paragraphs where a specific mineral deposit is discussed have the last published size and grade data for that deposit inserted at the end of the paragraph for reference.

News release information is obtained from a wide variety of public sources. Each monthly summary is composed of both the public news items as well as the less apparent information that results from our research capabilities. Our goal is to provide complete coverage of all significant news from every geographic region.

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