Deposit Summaries

Picture courtesy of Grupo Mexico SA de CV.

Deposit Summaries are listings of mineral deposit statistics grouped by commodity into one tabulation. The basic information is derived from a wide variety public sources and the tabulation is considered to be both accurate and difficult to duplicate independently without a substantial effort.

Deposit Summaries are composed of individual lists of mineral deposits from throughout the world sorted from largest to smallest. The basic data includes location (lat/long), deposit name, owner, size, grade, byproducts and the date that the information was obtained. The confidence level of the data (reserve, resource or geologic estimate) is also included. The resulting document provides a quick reference of mineral deposit information at very reasonable cost.

Deposit Summaries are updated periodically as new information is received. Revisions can be substantial as new drill results are announced, mining operations deplete the reserve base, ownership changes, new discoveries are made or we obtain data on previously known but not publicly announced deposits. This constant review and updating process is our trademark that ensures the information is both current and accurate.

Deposit Summaries are important source materials that can be used to track multiple variables regarding the major mineral deposits known throughout the world. The information is comprehensive, timely and priced very reasonably. Press the purchase option below to select your copy.

Tabulations Presently Available:

Commodity Region

Minimum Size
(contained metal)

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Copper Western United States + 10,000 tons US$150.00
  Mexico +2,500 tons US$150.00
  Peru +5,000 tons US$150.00
Gold Arizona, USA +20,000 ounces US$50.00
  California, USA +20,000 ounces US$50.00
  Idaho, USA + 10,000 ounces US$50.00
  Montana, USA +20,000 ounces US$50.00
  Nevada, USA +40,000 ounces US$250.00
  Mexico +10,000 ounces US$250.00
  Peru +10,000 ounces US$250.00
Silver Mexico +300,000 ounces US$250.00
  Peru +20,000 ounces US$250.00
Mining Activity Update can prepare custom tabulations for any geographic region upon request. Contact us directly for your area of interest.

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